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Re: scenario

Unfortunately I think it seems inevitable that Jacen is going to end up with "The Science Chick" (aka Danni Quee)..... I just think their temperaments are a bit too similar and would make it a bit boring from a storyline point of view....if you look at most SW couples there is always one who is a bit fiery and the more reserved counter part.....

examples.... (listed : calmer , fiery respectively, IMO )

Luke and Mara

Leia and Han

Jag and Jaina(a bit of a closer call, but i think Jag is just more mature than Jaina...)

Winter and Tyco

Tendra and Lando

Corran and Mirax --- yes, too close to call, although Corran is definitely more pragamatic than his Corsec days....

3po and artoo (3po isnt necesarily calmer, but definitely more reserved !!)


Here's an excerpt from the upcoming, "Shattered Solitide : The Hijinx of Jacen and Dannii" by A. T Seven

"Jacen sat with his legs crossed, contemplating the events of the morning. Master Durron's words played heavily on his mind. He was reminded of his time on Yuzhantaar, and the ambivalent wisdom of his one time master, Vergere.

Danni sat at a workbench a few meters away, datapads strewn in something of an organised chaos. She was reviewing the results of a spore analysis, taken from various locations of Coruscant. Despite outward indications, the once city-planet seemed to be regenerating in an unorthodox fashion...."


..I mean, I like Jacen and Danni, but it would be more fun reading about him shacked up with Tenel Ka


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