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Deac: We have a Cantina mobile?

*Syrnl pulls up in a flashy soprts car*

Syrnl: Hey Deac! See what the music industry can do!

*Everyone crams in*

Syrnl:Easy on the paintwork...I've only got ONE PAYMENT LEFT

Passing Cop: And I've only one day 'till retirement!

*Drops dead*

Deac: TO the Pole!


North Pole

*Reletha walks in, dragging Dick Clark*

Reletha: See! Now let's see who the earth Hero comes to rescue first!

Minion: Uh.....Mr Goldfinger called. He's currently being foiled by Mr Bond so we'll have to find another hero to stop us.

Lokpihet: Is Buffy free? *Begins primping*

Minion: Sorry, also booked. It's a busy time of year.

Reletha: The A-Team?

Minion: Well, I think Mr T might be able to...

*The Darkstars shake their heads*

Lokpihet: It seems no one can stop us now!

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