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yeah i have them all. us guys over at the BFN board at found all the platinums within 1 month of the game's release. I even found a few of them myself.

you guys have it much easier, because now the stats have been released and having hidden requirements was the hardest part. the Dark Side platinum is actually the easiest one. getting a Gold is harder than a Plat on that level, heh. for Plat you only need 10 seconds faster, 1 more kill, 1% more accu and 2 more friendly saves than Gold. so chances are if you have 7:25, 39 kills, and 24% accu that you'll actually have 7:15, 40 kils, and 25% accu. I have all Golds in Rogue Leader and I still think the Platinums in BFN were harder cuz in most levels, it involved some kind of trick that was the key. like in Panaka, you have to blow the door early, or in Camp 4, the time only starts counting in the 2nd part of the level. tricks like that are usually the key, and some people were sick enough to find all that crap by themselves. its amazing.
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