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Replacing character Models

I have a simple editing question. I want to know how to replace one of the player models with an NPC model. Specificly one of the alien NPCs, Rodian, Rataka, Selkath, since I was disapointed you could not select a different species to play as. Plus I'm pretty sure these models will function since they are used in combat and use the same animations. I have used the Never Winter Knights explorer and Bif Unpacker to access the see which model files I'll need to use, but neither of these programs alow me to add or remove files in the bifs. Are there any programs that would let me access the files as efficiently as NWN Explorer and Bif Unpacker and let me add and remove from those files? (Other programs open the bifs but all we see inside are .raw files, or they just crash). Also, would it be possible to do the model replacing by creating identically named folders, like how Jedi Outcast and other editable games do? I've tried that once with a "player" folder in data files and it had no effect, so are there any other ways I could go about it? If anyone has any information on how to replace the models, myself and possibly many others will be very greatful. Seems to me if modding is going to be done for this game, it's going to have to start small, like replacing a few models.
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