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My suggestion would be to start the 7 digits strings as such:

1st person starts scanning at "AAAAAAA"
2nd person starts scanning at "BBBBBBB"
3rd person starts scanning at "CCCCCCC"

Problem is since I misplaced my scan log sheet, I can't remember exactly how long it will take to scan such a range. I believe a 7 digit range such as "AAAAAAA - AZZZZZZ" will take days of scanning time. So if you can't leave it running constantly (24/7) due to other use of your PC, it will most likely take weeks to finish an assignment with off and on starts.

Now you understand why I was discouraged and gave it up for a while. Without large numbers of volunteers, it will take a long time to complete a check of all 7 digit combinations for the whole alphabet. I don't even want to think about the 8 digit ones.

I never got much response the last time I tried to start this, so I don't hold out much hope this time around. There are only a few regulars that visit this forum and all they want to do is post lots of silly dialogue. Yes, some of it is fun to read, but the responses to the passcode quest has been very weak and few show any sign of real committment to the task.

Somebody please prove me wrong!!!

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