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Post === The 1st Award Ceremony ===

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In honor of the bravery and courage of Gold Squadron, the Rebel Alliance presents each one of you with a plated insignia, so that all who shall see it, shall know you.

Redwing, SadGhost, Rogue9, Rogue15, and you, Gold Squadron Leader... have all done your part to strenghten the Rebel Alliance, to offer hope to worlds under the yoke of oppression, and to ensure the freedom of the Galaxy.

May the Force be with you.

Gold Squadron Leader: 7 new passcodes, keeping up the quest
Rogue15: 3 new passcodes, first response and support
Rogue9: 4 new passcodes, great support
SadGhost: 0 new passcodes, great support
Redwing: 0 new passcodes, great support
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