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VADER!!!!! the only thing in darth maul's favour are his tattoos and his bloody dual-bladed sabre. he's got no evil air hanging about him, he's short, and he looks a lot like toad in x-men (for some reason... ) which lends him a bit of incredulity.

now vader.....he's one bad-ass sith dude. from the moment he walks on scene in the tantive IV, clad in that black suit with that awesome cloak, breathing that heavy & menacing pattern again & again.... he's the better villain, man.

and glaive, dude, no, it would be MAUL'S ass who'd get kicked if he went up against vader. vader was conceived of midichlorians; he's the most powerful in the Force. at age twenty he took on one of the most powerful sith lords ever and held his own. maul got killed by a bloody PADAWAN...........

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