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Well, something is messing up or missing somewhere. I can bypass the crash-on-load problem by putting the appropriatly renamed .raw with it, IE: putting both of Mission's body .mdls and .raws renamed to pfb?s.mdl and both raws renamed the same, but the vertexes seem to be completely unbound for some reason. (It actually works in-game, it's just a large, sharply pointy, blob which dosn't seem to display armor, only weapons)

Note: Of the 3 bif programs I use, only BifUnpacker 0.5 by Zoligato extracts the raws without crashing on my system.
Also some combinations of files always crashed and others didn't.
IE: pfbas.mdl replacement worked by itself, but pfbbs.mdl crashed when it didn't have pfbas.mdl from the same source.

I really wish there was a 2da decrypter out so I could take a look at appearances.2da and find out how they bound things together.
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