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((LOL, Deac must be mad. This is why I say he couldn't have a daughter. I could have Flax's spies discover her existance, if you like, just to move the plot along.))

*Sellena rolls her eyes, then she claps her hands, a page appears, she repeats Deac's order, then turns back to him and leans a little closer.*

Selleana: *Quietly.* He'll be gone for about half an hour, is there anything else you would like?

*Flax strides in, whearing his long blue tunic and his badge of office.*

Flax: Deac.... You're still in bed, alone.

Sellena: He seems to be very worn out, still.

Flax: Really, shall I come back later, or do you want to here this now Deac?

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