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((OOS: Since no one else is stepping up...

Deac: This is related to what you PMed me about. ^_^))

*Rwos looks at Irvine, then without answering, steps through the portal.

On the other side of the portal, a black void dominates the sky. The group is standing on a huge plot of ground that seems to have been ripped from the ground and hung in the middle of nothingness. Far off in the distance, hints of color suggested blue skies on the outside of the void, but they were so far away that no one could be sure.

The entire plot of ground was dominated by an enormous castle, as beautiful as it was terrifying. Enormous double doors marked the entrance, but despite the fact that they were wide open, not a glimmer of light radiated from inside the huge structure.*

Che`: The castle of a god...

H'lena: Time has twisted again. I can sense it. And...and I can sense magic again...

A'melie: The Dark Side is strong with this place.

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