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*Gilian examines the runes on the object Cracken's men had pulled from the ground. As the dust and dirt falls away, Gilian begins to realize she recognizes them*


Great Britian, Earth, Sometime in the 1700s

*A trio of horse-drawn carriages arrive at a decaying, smokey burned-out building. The occupants exit. The women and children among them simply look frightened; the men are armed to the teeth, but still look frightened.

A man with cold eyes walks from the building with several followers behind him; a pair of elves, a gargoyle, and a man covered with fur. The humans who had arrived in the carriages look even more horrified, muttering "demons" under their breaths. The man with the cold eyes smiles*

Man: *addressing the foremost carriage driver* Has everyone arrived?

Carriage Driver: Almost everyone, Sir Morgan. During the night we were attacked...

Cyrus: The vampire I warned you about, wasn't it?

Driver: Yes, sir, the Negro vampire. No one was killed, but when day came two of our children were missing. We dared not search for them in the woods with the demons about. *He glances over nervously at a sobbing woman* We could only convince their mother to continue with us by promising that you and your hunters would go back and find the children once we arrived here to tell you.

Cyrus: *muttering* Enelya...

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