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*Frey sits down and Vidar takes the floor*

Vidar: I'll keep this short. I have study and ponder this question for many years. The races of the inner rim thrive on bloodshed and destruction. They continually seek to dominate each other. Much like animals would in the wild. They are unworthy of our protection and have proven this time and time again. The Empire falls and the Republic takes it place. It wasn't very long before that new government to become corrupt. Now a new rebellion is occuring. What happens if they succed? Probably the same thing. Wait a few years and they will become corrupt.

They have the technology to survive, and no longer need or warrent our protection.

*Vidar sits and Idun stands*

Idun: That may well be true, but those are just a minority of the civilizations. What about the innocents who are caught up in those worlds constant turmoil? Is it right that we abandone them? Also what of the extradimensional crossovers? We know what danger they presant. Can we simple say that they are on their own now? Especially at this time.

Think of all the innocents that will be hurt if we withdraw protection.

Heimdall: It is true that some will be hurt if we withdraw. That we always knew and that wont' change as time passes. There also will always be innocents in this galaxy. There does come a time though when innocents are just naive to the galaxy around them. In that case they must be shown the truth. Only then can they hope to grow into something more.

It is a dangerous time to do this. On the other hand there are also more dangerous times yet to come. It is said that there will be relatively moments of peace between such times. Should we do it in a time of rest? I say no. If we do then nothing would change in there mindsets. If we do it in a time of unrest then possible they can see the truth and no longer hide behind convient lies.

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