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I have a problem with the patch...

When I log onto Multiplayer, the game sometimes crashes and tells me there is a problem. If someone uses the Matrix punch with me, the game crashes and if I try to log onto the FFA2 map, the game crashes. It keeps asking me to send an error report, and I did, but it's becoming a problem. I reinstalled the game to see if it just needed reinstalling and tested everything out without the patch and the game never crashed. I reinstalled the patch and it crashed during the same things. For single player mode, I can't even start a game. As soon as the title screen goes away and they show the ship flying, the game crashes. It has happened each time. When I did it without the patch, the game didn't crash once.

I am running the game on an
AMD Athlon 2800+
256 ram
TNT2 Video Card
Windows XP
and I have 20 gigs of hard drive space.

Help anyone?
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