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*Unla Shardes*

*The world turned dark and gloomy. Winds raced along the planetside, throwing dirt and ash into the air. The ground itself retained alot of the heat that was generated by the bombardments.

Suddendly out from nowhere a sphere of dark energy forms from the minutest size of a grain of sand, increasing to a formitable size. The sphere reshapes into a two diemisional object.

A few moments later beings appear from one of the sizes of the newly formed 'portal'. The beings 'appeared' carring stormtrooper rifles to be almost of the same race, but their appearences differed from one another. But each of them held a distinctive trait, their appearences were demonic.

The 'demons' threw a portion of their clothing over their faces to block out the dust and ash in the extreme wind.

Finally not too long after a sort of 'Lord' Demon walked out, his traits were completely differnt fromt he rest. Looking almost completely human, but for a few differences, pointed earlobes, sharp fingernails to be used a claws, and finally two large 'bird-like' wings with long black feathers. He didn't bother to cover his face in the wind.

He looks down at the ground, kneels and gathers a bit of the scorched soil into his hand. He rubs the scorched soil in his hand, looking at it, analising it.*

Lord Demon "This soil has to be about at least three hundred degress, and this damage appears recent. Who ever did this to this planet won't worry about us colonising it." *Turning to a large demon* "Commander, begin your operations at once."

*The 'Lord' demon turns around and walks back through the portal, which closes afterwards.

The commander demon orders the few demons to begin searching for the best possible place to set up a place to 'inhabit'.*

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