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Hello there

This is a reply to Captain Solo's threat.
Just to get everyone here in the know, while looking at the soundtrack for COMI I noticed that many of the track names had been taken from my COMI track list, posted on theiMuse Island forum.

After mailing Solo/Jan/whatever, telling them about this and asking for a little credit (book writers put references in Bibliographies when writing, don't they?), he denied it.

Captain Solo is a regular forumite at iMuse Island, and has a reply in the thread.

Solo said that most were taken from the Scumm Revisited file, which I did not even know existed when I created mine (for my own purposes, really, but I thought I'd share it). I can't get through to the link now, I don't know how close I got. But I have obviously left my mark on many of the track names, specifically:

Murray's Introduction (Ship Exterior after the Battle)
Maturity In 23 Seconds (Guybrush grows up - 23 seconds is the length of the track, including a LeChuck-theme bit that was cut out from the game)
"Time Out, Young Man" (I thought this would be quite a classy name for the scene where little Guybrush steps out of the carriage to the LeChuck theme)
Voodoo & Things (made up, obviously)
Quicksand/Papapishu (quicksand would have done, but I thought I'd get the gag in as well)
Jazzy Voodoo In The Swamp (word for word)
The various 'Swordfighting' titles, 'cept one (which I didn't like either. The reason I gave all these different titles was they were getting boring and I was trying to add a bit of humor)
The Undead Lovers (purely my own)

(There were few that were also changed, but I prefer mine. 'That's A Duck' and 'Guybrush Floating Theme' - which is the official name, according to the end credits, taken as it is from MI2)

Solo denies copying me.
What do you think?

I'm not asking for money, or anything ridiculous. My list must have been some help at some point, and for that I'd just like Solo to admit it.

Sound petty, don't I? It's a bloody great achievement, very handy, those Soundtracks. I especially like the back/front covers. Ungrateful, I'm not, just so you know.
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