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Originally posted by _PerfectAgent_
I just left the controls at default. But since Dark Forces was the first FPS I got, I modeled all my control schemes for all other ones after it. (i.e. x is jump. Used the arrow keys for movement, crouch being c) But of course I use the mouse now. (Now auto-aim!) I've haven't changed ever since! (Except for the mouse...)
Originally quoted by Katarn07
I redo all FPS to somewhat resemble DF if the action and key are not yet bound, such as use being space, jump being x, crouch being c, secondary fire being z, primary fire ctrl etc etc etc.....
You must be a helluva guy because great minds do think alike

And mastern64, don't use the mouse. You don't need the mouse. Disable it if necessary (I remember MechWarrior 2's needed to be taken off because it always messed my game up).

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