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*Nothing answers*

H'lena: This place seems to be blocked out from the outside world. Maybe even the Aeges can't enter here...

*Rwos, testingly, tries to put his hand through the portal. It stops against an invisible field*

Rwos: The portal's one-way only. We can't go back.

Che`: Then let's go the only way we've got left - up.

*The group advances up the mountain and into the castle. H'lena lights a magical torch, illuminating a vast, empty, magnificent hall*

H'lena: That's strange...I sense...

*She tries one of the gigantic doors in the hall. She cannot reach the latch, and when she tries to move it via telekinesis it doesn't move*

H'lena: Stuck.

*She pushes against the double doors, but they only creak. Rwos and the others join her, and finally the latch snaps and the doors slide open inward.

Inside is a gigantic room with a dust, bubbling cauldron. At the far end of the room, near a lightless window, is a cage bearing the dust of centuries. H'lena runs over to it*

H'lena: K'Warra?!

*A translucent figure opens its eyes and turns towards her*

K'Warra: Not quite. But close. *the apparation giggles madly* I fooled him. I tricked him, I outwitted him...

*H'lena touches the cage and is knocked backwards in a shower of magical sparks*

K'Warra: Don't bother. I've already gotten out. Just this sad little spectre left here to let the magic of this cage believe it still holds its occupant!

H'lena: What is this place?

K'Warra: The Castle of the Dragon Shunaria, self-styled Greatest of the Old Ones. *mad giggling again* He thought he could use me to gain immortality. Oh, he became immortal alright. Undying, forever and ever! *He, or it, dissolves into giggling again*

Rwos: This Shunaria...he is the creature that wants to destroy the other gods, and set himself up as the only god?

K'Warra: Yes, yeeeesssss indeed. He could swallow the spirits of anything, and he shall, hoping to gain back what he once was. But he will never outlive the curse he has put on himself! Never! We will stop him. A wraith, a wraith, a wraith doomed to consume and never be filled! He will eternally devour, and never be satisfied!! *An even longer bout of insane giggling* He will consume all...if he can...yes, all that he cannot rule, he will make part of himself...oops, small side effect to the lovely trick I played on matter, soon the Devourer will be devoured himself...

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