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Oh my good god... suggesting a SERIOUS discussion in this forum about this issue was a pretty stupid idea (I admit, it was MY stupid idea)... at least your comments somehow seem like you're only on the verge of being a grown up...

I am VERY sorry that the MP3s don't download fast enough for you... "I'll look into it"... or something

By the way, the "re-uploading the files" comment referred to LucasTones' idea of adding your name to the comment-tag in the MP3 files... which I would have to re-upload, if I'd changed those tags.

And concerning the "many different" names, my real name is Jan, my forum-name at Mix-n-Mojo is Laserschwert and since my e-mail is, my name at the iMuse-Island-forum was CaptainSolo... (though I don't really understand the context here).

Back on topic: I share LucasTones' opinion here, "I don't think anyone cares who named the tracks".

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