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Considering this stupid site is the only one I'm having problems with, I suggest that you do.

For example, I just downloaded the Catalyst 3.10 drivers from ATi at a size of 23.1Mb, and it took just under 10 seconds.

It took at least 25-30 seconds for each file on your site, on a good day. Somehow I doubt there is a massive stampede to get these files.

ME not grown up? I'm trying to be civilised here. I complimented you on your fantastic site (twice), and have said just how useful it has been to me. I asked a couple of inoffensive questions. I notified you of a problem I've been having with your site, as I thought you'd be concerned. Obviously none of these things matter to you.

I will not lower myself to your level, and I am I not asking for you to do something as ridiculous as re-uploading the MP3s as you have obviously gone through a lot of work already, particularly renaming the site as 'LucasArts Soundtracks'.

We have only had a couple of opinions here, and I notice you sided with half of one of them (the one that meant that you didn't actually have to do anything).

How serious would you like me to get?
What's wrong with a proper credits list on your site, as suggested by Alien426?
A simple "do you mind if I borrow a few of your track names?" would have done. You could have posted on the iMuse Forum, and I would have said "yeah, sure, go ahead".
Bit rude, wasn't it? Your character, I suppose.

The Tingler

PS You may have noticed that I'm not being quite as pleasant this time around. Three guesses why.
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