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((Hee - a seven foot tall Gollum with wings and a tail? Interesting ))

K'Warra: Never seen you before, nor any of your friends, no, except of course my dear sister...shouldn't you be long dead by now, H'lena? Never mind that, it doesn't matter...

H'lena: This dragon Shunaria wanted to become immortal. You said you played a trick on him. What did you do?

K'Warra: He wanted to bathe in the Cauldron of Life to live forever... *He gestures at the eerily still-bubbling enormous cauldron in the corner* He imprisoned me to take my stone skin...but I tricked him, yes, I imbued my skin with magic so that the potion would not work...couldn't take the chance that he could succeed in using the didn't work exactly the way I intended, but it was much better...destroyed his body, but his spirit lives on, a consuming wraith...Consume the multiverse? I suppose he could...After all, he swallowed the spirit of the Phoenix to escape here... *The sprite points to a small object in the corner, next to the cauldron* Maybe only that could satisfy him now...

*H'lena picks the object up. It is made up of a rounded flat blue stone inside a gold matrice depicting a phoenix curled around it, forming the shield shape. It's the size of her palm*

H'lena: can't be...the Phoenix Gate?

K'Warra: No, an empty trinket. Its spirit lives in Shunaria now...

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