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Welcome back pbguy. We don't do this to have an impact on a future game, I do it because I enjoy it.

Windu: What the...? Wookiees have a powerful navy? That makes precisely zero sense. They are arboreal. How can they possibly compete in the water with an amphibian race? Kashyyyk is a forest world with few large bodies of water. What are you thinking? As if denying them Aircraft wasn't bad enough when they obviously have Aircraft... now they excel in a field that makes no sense for them to excel in. I challenge you to find a single person anywhere that will agree Wookiees would have no airforce but a strong navy.

As for C&C:Generals balancing rocket troopers, Frozted is right, Generals is not the best balanced game in the world and the multiplayer community is suffering because of it. And more importantly Aircraft feature a lot more in SWGB than they do in Generals, so a rocket trooper would be overpowered in SWGB, but not necessarily in Generals.

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