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'll take away your bucket
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...says the guy with no location.

Afraid someone might say something about destruction of cultures, slavery and colonization practices of certain other countries? You can find the dark spot on any person. So don't stoop so low and pretend you're a little angel from heaven. And STOP BEING A ****ING PRICK!

Guys, can we settle this without that annoying "anonymous_guest"? I guess all would be satisfied with a credits list / FAQ section on the site.

Tingler, I didn't mean to offend you. I know it can suck when people take the fruits of (more or less) hard labour and (maybe unintentionally) make it look like it was theirs.

> It took at least 25-30 seconds for each file on your site, on a good day.

Dude, you have every right to demand those precious seconds back. Someone from the SCUMM Bar will have to pay!!!!!1111

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