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pbguy - as Vostok said, i dont do this because i think lucasarts will listen to me (though i hope they do), i do it coz its interesting.

Vostok - show me where, in the films, it is stated that the Wookiees-
1. Are arboreal
2. Have few large water sources on their home planet
3. Have aircraft

The reason i denied the Wookiees an airforce is that they seemed the best candidate, as there are airforces for all of my other civs seen in the films, and to me, the Wookiee homeworld would be a lot like Earth but with jungles, and so a large Navy would be required to defend it, especially if they more-or-less keep to themselves, which can be backed up by the lack of wookiee forces or spacecraft seen in the films.

As for C&C, why is it that whenever i say 'C&C', everyone immediately thinks i'm referring to Generals? Westwood has have the Rocket Trooper in every one of its C&C games, and has been balanced each time.

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