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Great Britian, Earth, 1700s

*Cyrus looks at the lightening sky* Tell the woman we'll find her children. The demons will be driven back to their lairs with the rising of the sun. We'll find them...or what's left of them.

Driver: Yes sir.

*Above them, in the shadows, the cloaked figure of a woman watches. Cyrus twitches a little, as if peripherally aware of the spy. He does not react, however. He calls his "men" to him and, mounting a horse, rides off into the distance from which the carriages had come.

The figure watches the sight, curious*

Where are all these humans going? There are no boat docks anywhere, no trails lead from here...this is a deserted village... *She smiles at the memory, revealing pointed teeth startlingly white against her pitch-dark but strangely illuminated skin* As well it should be... But why does the vampire hunter lead his charges here...bringing all their earthly belongings along...where do they intend to go with them?

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