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Damn yeah! Why can't a free private site be as fast as a COMPANY web-site?

I think we have EVERY right to demand that EVERY server regardless who is paying for it needs to be connected via T1 at minimum...

Back in the old days I waited DAYS for some downloads to finish...
Simply get something like GetRight, queue the mp3s and forget them until GetRight reports "Finished".

Spoiled kids!

To the loser asking for "due" credit for using his file names:
If anyone would have the right to ask for credits it would be LEC not some "fan" that thinks he re-invented the wheel by naming some mp3s...

Oh and I hope you still DO fear the Germans.
If not give me your address you anon f*g and I will convience you to fear us.

As Alien426 said: Kindergarden!
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