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Wow, this topic grew into an "ethnic discussion" (if you could call anonymous' racistic comments such). I am impressed... sadly in a negative way... and though I think I know who this "anonymous" is, I won't tell my theories in the hope of a peaceful settlement.

Still, it scares me, how Germany is still seen as the Nazi-Country of the world... and that this (for the lack of a better word) DUMB opinion is used as an argument in a discussion. For god's sake, take your head out of the box!

With that being said, back on topic:

Tingler, concerning MY opinion, you said that I "sided with half of one of them (the one that meant that you didn't actually have to do anything)". But maybe you should read my e-mail again, which clearly says that THAT is MY opinion since you mailed me...

And concerning your "problem" with my site and the fact that they obviously "don't matter to me"... uhm, there are some servers out there that are faster than other servers... and sometimes you just have to accept the fact, that you might have the bad luck of getting onto one that's a little slower. For my part I've gotta say a big THANK YOU to Jake, RemiO and the whole ScummBar-team for hosting my site on their server...

Taking on the credits-issue: As I already told you in my e-mail, Tingler, it's important for me to give credit to the people who deserve it... but you've got to see the relative difference of effort put into composing a soundtrack, re-mixing and -arranging it from MIDI, designing CD-covers and thinking up names for ten or twenty tracks... if there was a soundtrack which was ripped or converted by you, then you would of course get proper credit. But this is just ridiculous.

Well, thanks for the support, but please calm down. I really don't want any comments concerning race in this thread... and getting aggressive doesn't help.

All right, I hope we can change the topic now...


Any interesting topics?

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