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Rwos: The Phoenix Gate? I always thought that was a the Time Matrix...

K'Warra: Everything's a legend for you people, isn't it? Avatars...yes, I remember now...the Starkiller...the Starkiller and his friends who abandoned me and Elizabeth to our fates when the dragon took me...all for the best, though, was it not?

Rwos: The Phoenix Gate was said to contain the very spirit of time itself. With the right incantation, one could use it to open the gates of time and travel through them, and go wherever one wanted. *to Deac* Remember the Time Matrix? The Gate is different. It cannot be used to alter the past. It was said that every time the Gate has been or will be used is already part of the history, or the future...

H'lena: I don't think we'll be getting the chance to test that theory. It's nothing better than a paperweight now. *She drops it* Not that it matters. None of us know the incantation.

K'Warra: I wouldn't worry about that anyway. Just as I made Shunaria what he is, so will I unmake him. Remember the poor, insignificant, alien girl that you deserted to her fate, Starkiller ...remember...remember?

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