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Vostok - a few questions id like you to answer.
1. Where, in the films, does it show Wookiees living in trees?
2. When did i say Wookiees were primatives?
3. I decided to have three of the eight civs go without a unit class, those being Mechs, Aircraft and Navy (everyone must have infantry). I decided that the Rebels shouldnt have Mechs because they are primarily a 'light', fast force and dont have the credits or space for large armoured vehicles. The Hutts dont have a Navy becuase Tattoine has no water. So then, tell me, which of the following civs should go without an airforce?
- Confederacy of Independant Systems
- Galactic Republic
- Galactic Empire
- Naboo Coalition (Royal Naboo + Gungans)
- Trade Federation
- Wookiees

THAT is why i chose the Wookiees to be the ones without an airforce, to make for more interesting and diverse civs and gameplay, while trying to keep as much realism in as possible.

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