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Jedi Academy dedicated server not relaying to ravensoft master server list

I've been working on this for about two weeks now. I have a Efficient Speedstream 5200 adsl router hooked to two machines through a hub (modem goes to hub, hub goes to two computers). The one I use is computer ip. The other is On the other machine, I run a dedicated server (v1.01) for Jedi Academy using the Jedi Academy Reloaded script ( In my shortcut to the dedicated server on that machine, I have +set net_port 29071, +set fs_game reload, and +exec server.cfg. Now, I can run my server on that machine, and It works (and runs), but to see it on this .199 pc, I go to Local games instead of Internet game and see the game as there.

The problem is, this server isn't being broadcasted on the server list. I can tell users my public ip address along with the port and they can add it as a favorite server, see it, and join it. But, the server just isnt showing up on the master internet server list. I also tried adding +set dedicated 2 to the shortcut, but no difference.

In my modem settings I forward the internet ports 29071, 29070, 28060, 28061, 28062, and 28070-28081 UDPs to the computer (along with some Directlobby 7 ports). People can connect to the game, so I don't think its a port problem.

here is my server.cfg file

I was working with a guy that tried to help me solve this problem. We tried several methods, including adding seta net_ip (my public ip) and seta net_port 29071 to the server.cfg file, none of them seem to work (actually no one could see the game when it was set to this). I changed it back to the defaults (net_ip "localhost" and net_port "29070"). Also deleted the jampserver.cfg file once or twice and restarted the server. No difference.

When I see the game under Local in multiplayer, I see the name of the server with (something I didn't add) [UDP] added to it.

Any assistance possible I will greatly appreciate, thanks!


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