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K'Warra: "Rectify", Starkiller? What makes you think I want you to "rectify" anything?

H'lena: I'm sorry, K'Warra, but we don't have time for this. We need to stop Shunaria. You need to tell us where we can find him.

K'Warra: Haven't you been listening? That won't matter. Soon, in the world outside this place, Elizabeth will rule all Mrear. Why stop there? With my help, with the dragon's death, she can rule the multiverse. To think, before this...they almost had K'Warra convinced...of THEIR way... *He cackles maniacally* But no. Finally, Kejim's curse turns against him, and one of his precious Green bloodline has seized the power it was so clearly destined for. No more helping the weak, no more saving the unworthy...

*The wraith shoves its face against the bars and gives the impression of grasping them with hands that could clearly no longer grasp anything*

The Kings of Mrear are dead, Starkiller. Long live the Queen!

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