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Flax: Her name is Elella. She's currently on a planet in the Mid Rim, Tallacos. It's an agricultural world.

We became suspicious when we heard a woman had arrived there and was performing "miricals". The locals are fairly backwards, so we had to piece a few things together. After I became sure we were dealing with some form of force adept I sent Drago there, he's been observing her for the past few weeks.

He spoke to her in one of the local taverns, once he got her name we ran it and came up with her birth certificate. Her genetics were on file so she's definatly your daughter.

Drago is still there, keeping an eye on her.

I know it's fast work but with the 20 odd Jedi that maniac killed I didn't want her at risk. Once I found out she was your daughter, well........

You deserve some good news, Deac.

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