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Vjun, Bast Castle

*Lokpihet walks into the room that once housed Darth Vader's meditation chamber*

????: Lokpihet. You've come. Excellent.

Lokpihet: So let me get this straight. In return for doing the task, which you will provide me the means of doing, you promise that I will rule the galaxy and live forvever?

????: Fort eternity Lokpihet the Darkened Star shall rule
Save only three things.
One, the moon disappear over Atredis
Two, your fleet be attacked by the Hawk Nebula,
Third: You shall only by killed when Deac Starkiller has hands once more.

Lokpihet: Excellent!


*Deac sits up*

Deac: Is it good? The last of my kin under my protection died. And had to be a child by HER....

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