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H'lena: Remember, Deac, he could have been completely leading us on...wouldn't put it past him...ah, found it.

*H'lena puts her hand on the middle of an enormous desk and chants a single word. A translucent map of Mrear's surface, landmasses, bodies of water and all, appears floating in front of them*

H'lena: *walking around it* If I'm not mistaken, here's how it works. We place our finger on the representation of the place we want to go to on the map, and we're transported to a magic marker that's been placed there. *She points to a series of stars on the map, without touching them* Those represent important places. Most of them are probably major cities. I expect this is our way out.

Deac...since none of us but your avatar has been here before...your guess is better than mine. Unless someone else recognizes these landmasses?

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