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((I still want to see Lokpihet get a magic mirror and say "Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" ))

Great Britian, Earth, 1700s

*The sun rises, circles overhead, and sets. Still Cyrus and his men did not return.

The watcher returns several times throughout the day, heavily cloaked. She goes unnoticed each time.

The travelers gather in a barn nearby, one of the few structures untouched by fire marks, thanks probably to lack of vegetation around it.

After an hour of night, the bereft woman suddenly awakens*

Woman: James, James, I can hear them! They are calling out to me!

*James, her husband, seems to shake himself out of a daze*

James: Katherine, go to sleep...I do not hear horses, so Cyrus and his men shan't be back is only your imagination...we must be strong, they would want it of us...

Katherine: No, listen! Cannot you hear them?

*James listens for a moment, then realizes his wife is right. Faint cries in the distance seem to be getting closer*

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