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*The debate had finally ended. Everyone one on the council had there say in the matter. Some talked for a while, where others kept it short and to the point.

Idun, Jord, Freya, and Frigg were all against withdrawing protection. They felt that the galaxy in general was not yet ready to protect itself. Idun and Frigg didn't want to expose the innocents, where Freya felt they just lacked the ability. Jord was a mix of the two.

Heimdall, Vidar, Tyr, Forseti, Hermond, Vali, Freyr, and the Valkyries all posed arguements for removing protection. The reason varied among them as well. Some felt that the inner and mid rims didn't deserve protection, others that they would not grow into their potentional if they continued to be protected. There were also other reasons.

With the debate over Odin went to his private chamber to think about all the arguements and what the Aesir should do.*

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