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*sences a warm rush of wuvy dovey-ness from the Great one, so I came over for a bit of squishy.*

also I can smell baby formula on him

anyhow hola! to many new Lost Souls on the GFN. You will not know me, but Gendo and Sanspoof (who chastised me for being away so long) have <and Metallus> have prompted me to return to the GFN and the Blue casket my fav original haunt on the lucas forums.

anyway *I am rambling*
hola! I am Darth Eggplant.
and since New Years resolutions are never kept, I shall post in the GFN just like I use to.

so any older members enjoying my absence, cringe because I am back.

did not look but hope the GFN is still run by the same mods, cause they are bone daddy's.

also need to checkin on 8 of 12, I havenot been to Night light in a long while either.

so enough squishy and talk for now,
hope to meet some new GF fans here.

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