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Vostok - denying some civs a unit class gives the whole game a more unique feel and challenges players to adapt to the varied units of the different civs. For example, if you play Imperial strategies with the Rebel Alliance, you will lose very quickly.

As i said, the Hutts go without Ships because Tatooine has no water.
The Rebels go without mechs because of their strong airforce and entrenching infantry, while the Wookiees go without aircraft because we have never seen any, and all of the other civs have aircraft in the films.
As to why no civ goes without infantry, a rifleman is the cheapest and most effecient unit to field, so it doesnt make sense for a civ not to have them, although i suppose you could class Battle Droids as mechs if you really want to.

Anyway, the point is that it gives greater realism, but gives dramatically different gameplay for different civs leading to more variety and greater re-play value, something which other RTS' like SWGB lack - and look at the result.

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