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Great Britian, Earth, 1700s

*The parents leave the barn and move towards the voices accompanied by a few of the fighters among the group, fearing danger. As they approach the thickets outside the barn, two forms emerge from the brush. The two parents immediately recognize them*

Katherine: Cynthia! Patience! *She rushes towards them* You're hurt!

*The tallest girl, Patience, speaks* We're alright now, mother. We found some lovely people in the woods. They helped us...

Katherine: *feeling her daughter's cheek* You' cold...

Patience: The lady in charge said we should find you. She said we would know how. She said we should give the gift to you too...

Katherine: Gift, my dear? What gift?

*Her daughter smiles at her a little. For a moment, Katherine thought she glimpsed something impossible - a pair of sharp little cat teeth in her daughter's smile - but -

An icy voice comes from the trees* Don't move.

*Cyrus steps out of the undergrowth, crossbow trained on the reuinted family. His companions emerge from the trees as well, weapons at the ready*

Cyrus: These are not your children anymore, woman. The Devil has taken them.

Katherine: *shocked* What are you doing?! What are you talking about?

*Cyrus stops advancing, but keeps his weapon on the family. He glances around at the tangle of woods surrounding them*

Cyrus: Enelya! Scourge of Angels! I know you're here! I can feel you! Come out and face me like a man!

*For what seemed like a long time, nothing happened. The scene seems frozen in time, only the wind moving. Then a figure in a heavy cloak softly emerges from the woods. A woman's voice comes from underneath the cloak, speaking in heavily accented English*

Woman: I am not a man.

*She drops the cloak to the ground. An eerie sight presents itself. The woman was tall, and apparently of African descent - she was a colonial slave in life, Cyrus remembered - her skin was deathly, darkly pale, and something about her gave the strange impression that she was illuminated from within by a dark golden glow. Her mouth was open, revealing a pair of sharp, white teeth.

Enelya...the Vampire...I often wondered what she would be like face to face...but I never could have imagined this...

He speaks*

Cyrus: At long last, we meet, princess of demons.

Enelya: Many of my kind have met their end at your hands, vampire hunter.

*Enelya's face changes, alters itself into an expressionless, demonic mask. Her teeth are bared. Cyrus recognizes from long experience the so-called vampiric "game face"*

Enelya: Your end has come.

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