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Skins work

I have almost completed team support for Lannik Racto, icons and all. Also working on hidden skins such as Prisoner/Elder & /Merchant, Jedi/J2, Reborn/Boss, and the brown Cultist all w/CTF support.

Let me throw an idea out: I am a very organized person, maybe even a bit obsessive, but I like things like my MP icons to all look the same. I was thinking, I could do JA style icons for all of the addon skins. -- with that, I have 2 questions. First off, what does everyone think of that? Secondly, would they show up in character select w/o having the model -- or if they had it, would it override the old model?

Also been doing some species work. I have a new torso for the Twi'lek model, which is a somewhat modified version of the Alora2 torso. Also added 5 new colors to the Twi'lek. I added 3 new heads to the Rodian male. Going to create different face/mask combos for Kel Dor. (Side note, masks are the only thing that will line up when changing Kel Dor heads) I'm also adding support for the Chiss male & female packs, but still need to contact the author of the female pack for permission. I will add the new Human female heads found at pcgamemods as soon as I get permission from the author. Other than that, I'm adding more 'preset' colors to each race (minimum of 10) and am trying to find out if OJP can use Aaron Smith's generic Zabrak male model (not Eeth Koth) for the skins pack.

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