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Do you think that the return of the king is going rack up even more money then EP3???

HO HO HO!!!! I come to yall with this thread on Christmas day to ask yall out there a important guestion do you think that the return of the king in the lord of the rings saga is going end up with more money racked up then EP3 becuse I heard from my cousins who love the lord of the rings saga told me how much money it got and it was freaking $14,000,000 which is insane when EP2 only got 6,000,000 plus four times more better reviews well I plan to go to the theaters today and see how good it is but to me it seems that EP3 is going have to do four times better than EP2 but dont get me wrong the lord of the rings the two towers alone had a bunch of huge action parts in it but he reason that I come to say this is becuse these two sagas to me are in close compation. have a wonderfull evil holliday

O yes finaly I'm at pit droid its about time!!!!
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