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*After the group left, the Commander Demon stands up, his appearence looks to be injured quite a bit. He then closes his eyes and his appearence shifts back to his normal state.

He then opens a portal back to his home world.*


*Earth, 25th century* ((Forgotten Universe))

*The commander demon walks out of the portal into a world not so unlike a world in the universe where he's just been in. Technology had been advenced, few of the ideas had increased quite a bit in the last fifteen to twenty years with the recent discovery in the ability to travel to another parallel universe.

Various types of half demons walked the streets, every now and then a human would be in the mix.

On this side of the planet, it was mainly dominated by the half Demons, while on the other mostly human. It was like this for a few hundred years, only it now just starting for both groups to forget some grudges and finally blend in together.*

*The commander demon goes to a lot, where he opens up a storage where a speeder was put during his time on Ulna Shardes.

He gets on the speeder and rides off towards his master.*
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