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*Che` appears in the middle of a street. A troop of soldiers, demonic in appearance, in glittering, enchanted black armor march towards her. Che` starts forward from the slighlty-hidden place she had appeared in, but a hand comes from the shadows and stops her*

H'lena: Best we keep low for now. It looks like the marker the map was supposed to bring us to is buried, so we got plunked on the surface above it.

*The others appear. H'lena manages to get them into deeper cover before the soldiers pass by, chanting in alien tongues as they do so*

H'lena: *whispering* Whatever they are, they're beings of magic...they are not of natural brother's work, I'll wager...I smell other magic here, too...

Trael: What is this place?

H'lena: Dawnfire, I believe...

*A voice peeps from the shadows, somewhat fearfully*

Boy: Dawnfire, honorable mages? is Dawnfire no more...

*He points a grubby hand at the immense standard the demonic soldiers carry. It bears the insignia of a black gauntlet carrying a long sword, wreathed in green fire*

Boy: Her sign...the sign of the Queen who can be killed by no mortal's hand... This is Deathfire, now.

H'lena: That fire...gods, his charge has become corrupted...the wraith was telling the truth...

Rwos: Going to explain, H'lena?

Boy: No! It's not safe here. Come. You are no friends of the Death Queen.. The enemy of my enemy...*the boy is silent for a few moments. H'lena can sense his presence flowing among them, feeling out their intentions* I can lead you to the others. There are more of us than she expects, and we have a few surprises for the Death Queen yet...

*The boy moves some stacked furs and ducks into a tunnel inside the cliff surface*

Boy: Hurry! Let us go!

((OOS: Everyone who cares to - the boy is leading the group to the resistance gathering of this kingdom - feel free to incorporate all your characters as you see fit. ))

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