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hex editing kotor to get all feats & force powers (havn't tried it yet but apparently

Ok, here's a "tutorial" in hex-editing your savegame. Note, this is only one of the many ways of doing it, and I'm sure there's a simpler way to go about it, but I did it in a trial and error fashion. I'll post the process I went about here (except the parts that failed, obviously).

First of all, you need a hex editor. Personally I use a dirt-old DOS hex editor just because I've used it for many years, but you should probably get a newer one, like Hex Workshop or whatever.

NOTE: If you are already a Jedi and only want more Force Powers, skip the class changing thing listed below, and only reset your character's Jedi class level to 1.

BEFORE choosing a Jedi class by talking to Master Dorak, use the cheat codes to give your character a total of 210,000 XP. Standing in front of Master Dorak right now, ready to choose your Jedi class, would be very practical. Auto level up to level 20. Save the game in two different slots, in case you mess up something.

Open your Savegame.sav file with the hex editor. If you have 210,000 exp (which you should), search for the number "50 34 03". After finding it, count 240 spaces to the right to find your character's level. You're level 20 now, so it will say 14 here. Change this to 01.

Count 12 spaces to the left. This is your character's class. This will say 00 for soldier, 01 for scout and 02 for scoundrel. Just keep a note of it, we'll change it later.

Reload the game. You'll be level 1 again. Talk to Master Dorak and choose your Jedi Class. You'll be a level 1 soldier, scout or scoundrel, and level 1 Jedi of your chosen class. Save the game in the two slots again, DO NOT LEVEL UP YET!

Edit the game, search for the experience value. Count 252 spaces to the right to find your Jedi class. 03 for Guardian, 04 for Counsular and 05 for sentinel.

Now. Let's say you started the game as a soldier. Then change this Jedi Class value to scout. Count 12 spaces to the right to find the level, set this to 0. Yes, 0, not 1. Save changes and reload game. Auto level up to 20, save and edit the game again. Change class to Scoundrel and level to 0. Reload game, auto level up again and save the game in the two slots. Repeat this process for all the Jedi classes too, setting the class to one of them and the level to 0. This will give you all the innate feats that start at level 1. When you have done all that, set the Jedi Class back to the one you want to play the game with and the level to 1. Yes, 1, not 0 anymore.

Level up manually now, choosing any feats the computer has skipped. If you notice that you are missing some class specific feats (like heavy weapons focus for a soldier), simply set the appropriate class and manually level up and pick them. Choose the Force Powers you like. When you have done all the levels, save and edit the game to set the Jedi level to back to 1. Not 0 because that might remove the force powers you already have gotten. Besides, 1 will suffice because you have all the innate feats already. Manually level up and choose new Force powers again, and repeat as many times as you need to get them all. Voilą!

P.S. (this is not my own work)
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