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*The demon gaurds advance, Drago cleaves one in two and impales another on his sword. He draws the dead demon's sword and continues the fight. In a couple of minutes all the nearby gaurds are dead. Drago unshakles the slaves.

Drago: Take their weapons and go! Go to the Church of the Wolf, you will be safe there.

Slave: I....... Thankyou. *The slaves run.*

*A new contingent of demons arrives, they are led by a girl of about 17.*

Girl: Hello, brother.

Drago: You have fallen and I have been sent to lead you back.

Girl: And what if I like this better.

Drago: Then I have been sent to end you, Michael.....

Girl: Yes, MICHEAL, the our great leader! Don't you understand? We are imortal, we could rule this world. We are the greatest of the god's creations!

Drago: We are the most cursed.

Girl: You would say that you were born human! *She spits at him.*

((Charater Bio:

Name: Michael Reffersan

Race: Imortal (Human)

Age: Bother to the first man that walked on Mrear. (So he says)

Back Story: When the gods created man they also created a second race, the Imortals. Imortals come to be through two ways, through birth or through dept to the Gods. The Council of the Undieing governs all Imortals and holds them acountable. (Since they are invulnerable human punishment is insuficiant.)

Micheal is the oldest Imortal, he heads the council. Micheal was reputedly one on the first humans on Mrear, his origans are lost in the mists of time. Whatever he may be, he is one of the most powerful beings on Mrear. His perfect memory has allowed him to acumulate an unmatched amount of knowlage.

The Imortals are now more active than at any time in history. A number have decided to side with the Death Queen. The council keeps a tight leash on all the faithful in the current war.

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