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GUESS THE HELL WHAT. I MADE MYSELF INVINCIBLE. THAT'S RIGHT. BY DOING ^THAT^ THE RIGHT WAY. First people could walk through me, then I realized they could not hit me but I could hit them. It was 1337 pwnage. I couldn't move while people were inside me, and I could still be hit by lightning, but saber hit detection did not touch my model. EVERYTHING I did was totally legit through console. I SWEAR TO GOD I AM AWESOME. I'm gonna report this bug and then not tell them how I did it. JESUS CHRIST I AM THE ONE TRUE GOD! YES! GO ME! ><! I have several witnesses. I could bring them in. I did it twice total, it's HELLA HARD. I'm so freakin excited for some reason. I AM NOT LYING. I dunno how I could prove it to you guys... I need to do it again.
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