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Don't mind me, I'm kinda new and really don't know crap about Mods. I just wanted to pass on some info, forgive me if it's of no importance.

While trying to find an easier way to listen to KotOR music
I went to the RAD video/BINK Tool site on the web (sorry I'm not at my home comp so i don't remember the address)
and downloaded the Miles player, it plays all the KotOR Streamwave file. (don't have to rename files to MP3)

They also have the BINK player to play the KotOR movies,
and they have another tool there called "Granny Viewer"
for animation. I have no clue how to use "Granny" or even if it would be any help, it seems to let you view textures/Models but I don't know how to get it to work with KotOR or even if it can.

Maybe someone who knows something can check it out?

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