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((Taking off of what Deac said, I should note that anything not directly related to my characters in my Mrear posts is still (C) Deac (and muchly constructed or approved out of PMed information from him). hehe.

And the Queen Elizabeth thing was uninentional. No, really, it was! I hate you you all

Also, a note: I may or may not be posting sporadically or at least at odd times in upcoming weeks. Moving ^^))

Boy: Master Furion! *he bows* They appeared from nowhere on the street. They are no friends of the Queen. I could feel they have honorable intention, so I brought them to you.

A'melie: *whispering* Perhaps we shouldn't tell them everything about us until we're sure about---

H'lena: Why do we come? We've been sent, or rather...guided here by beings we call the Aeges. Your Furro god is one of them. We're supposed to stop a creature that wants to kill all the other gods and set itself up as the one and only dark god.

*A robed figure stands up from the shadows and walks over to Furion.* The others will be here soon. We should leave for the meeting place. These interdimensionals can tell us their business afterwards.

H'lena: *looking somewhat surprised* You're not from around here either, are you.

*The figure looks at H'lena. She was a gargoyle. Her facial features did not make her ancestry obvious - rather than H'lena's tall brow horns and mauve skin, she has only a slight ridge to her eyebrows and pale white skin - but the slight glow of her eyes in the darkness, and the tips of wings and tail from the bottom of her robes gave her away*

Figure: You bring plague with you. Just as the Death Queen and her Hand did...and as my own father did. But I am a child of Mear, and I will not let this world fall to your kind.

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