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((We'll go with James then))

Sellena: Eight actually James. It was that spat at teh mining colony on Kolador. How have you been?


Flax: The war is going cold. We've drawn the line in the sand and most of the people who are going to walk over to our side have.

We have about 90 percent of the Second Fleet, 30 percent of the Third and about half the Fourth. The First and Fith fleets are core based and all we got from them was a few conciencious objectors.

As far as planets go This half of the Outer and Mid Rims is ours. The Republic retains the Core, the Colonies and the Inner Rim. The Expansion region is contested space.

At the moment we're at a stand off. I have some ideas to tip the scales in our favour.

At the moment though you need your rest, in two days my wife is buried. After that we need to figure out what to do with you daughter.

*A page arrives with Deac's food.

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