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((Deac: Got carried away. Ammending now.

Backstory: Imortals

There are a race on Mrear who appear to be human. However they live forever. These "Imortals are born to human parents whoever something marks them as different.

There is no way to kill an Imortal, however if their head is seperated and burried away from their bodies they are paralised and live in eternal torment.

The Imortals are loosely goverened by a council. The council has taken it apon it'self to police the Imortals and punish those who attempt to gain power over the "lesser" races.

With the imergance of the Death Queen many disconted Imortals see a chance for themselves to grab power by joining her. This turn of events has sparked a war between the "Faithful" and the "Fallen". The Leader of the Faithful is a man known as Micheal.

Is that Ok?))

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