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das mole, who was the captain of the submarine das mole, suddenly jumped down from the crow's nest.

"i'm gonna need a paperweight," he said.

"why?" questioned orca.

"why do you think? i'm trying to do paperwork in the crow's nest of a clipper ship. gimme a break."

"well, we ain't got no paperweights. we're hard-core pirates. you give me a break."

"i'm just trying to organize my competitions for the big brother game. i guess i'll have to go find a paperweight myself."

and with that, das ran off into the hatch leading downstairs. he searched all the through the kitchen and the bedroom and the storage hull, but he couldn't find anything as a paperweight! he ran back up to the crow's nest and sat down on his chair, saying "ow"; he had found something. he stood back up and there was a paperweight!

"oh, hey here's a paperweight!"

meanwhile...the not-so-great chef...(insert name)
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